Since 1968



Specific Gravity


Glass Content

33% ± 2%

Tensile Strength

70 MPa

Young’s Modules

13 Gpa

Flexural strength

180 MPa

Barcol Hardness

Min 50

Impact Strength

50 Kgf·cm/cm²

Shear Strength

Min 80 Mpa

Compressive Strength

300 MPa

Water Absorption

Max 0.3%

Light Transmission


Ultra Violet Rays

Stabilized Resistant



Micro Biological Growth


Ph Value of the water to be stored

7.5 to 8

Thermal Conductivity

Standard Panel  0.15 Kcal/m hr °C

Insulated Panel  0.02 Kcal/m hr °C

Coef. of overall Thermal Transmission

Standard Panel  5.0 Kcal/m² hr °C

Insulated Panel 0.9 Kcal/ m² hr °C



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AQUASTORE is GRP " Hot Pressed" Sectional Panel Tank. The raw material of these panels are imported from UK and fully manufactured by Al Bassam.

AQUASTORE panels are hot pressed in a 750T hydraulic press at a pressure of 100 - 200 kg/cm² and a curing temperature of 130°C to 150°C using (GRP) Glass Reinforced Polyester - (SMC) Sheet Molding Compound.

The AQUASTORE GRP "Hot Pressed" Sectional panel tanks possesses high strength to weight ratio. They are weather resistant, non-toxic and cannot contaminate the water.

The AQUASTORE Panels shape has been meticulously designed with built-in factor of safety to ensure many years of service. WRC(UK) approval has also been obtained for potable water grade.