Since 1968


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity


Glass Content

33% ± 2%

Tensile Strength

70 MPa

Young's Modules

13 Gpa

Flexural Strength

180 MPa

Barcol Hardness

Min 50

Impact Strength

50 Kgf·cm/cm²

Shear Strength

Min 80 MPa

Compressive Strength

300 MPa

Water Absorption

Max 0.3%

Light Transmission


Ultra Violet Rays

Stabilized Resistant



Micro Biological Growth


PH Value of the water to be stored

7.5 to 8

Thermal Conductivity


Standard Panel  0.15 Kcal/m hr °C

Insulated Panel  0.02 Kcal/m hr °C

Coef. of Overall Thermal Transmission


Standard Panel  5.0 Kcal/m² °C

Insulated Panel  0.9 Kcal/m² hr °C

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AQUASYSTEM is GRP "Hot Pressed" Sectional Panel Tank which uses SMC Raw material made in Korea and imported & assembled to our clients by Al Bassam.

AQUASYSTEM panels are molded at a temperature of up to 150°C. These panels are designed to maintain physical property based on excellent raw material and product design technology.

AQUASYSTEM GRP Water Tank is suitable for large-sized reservoirs as its structure utilizes horizontal and vertical spaces at the maximum level through the use of diverse size of panels.

AQUASYSTEM GRP Water Tank has adapted panels that completely blocks the direct sunlight to avoid the growth of algae and other micro organisms and by assembling tanks with anti-rust accessories, it can keep water clean.