Since 1968


Physical Properties

Panel gravity


Glass content

33% ± 2%

Tensile strength

97.6 MPa

Young's Modules

13 Gpa

Flexural strength

180 MPa

Barcol Hardness

Min 50

Impact Strength


Shear Strength

Min 80 MPa

Comprehensive Strength

300 MPa

Water Absorption

Max 0.03%

Light Transmission


Ultra Violet Rays

Stabilized Resistant



Micro Biological Growth


Ph value of  the water to be stored

7.5 to 8

Thermal Conductivity

Standard Panel    0.15 Kcal/m  hr °C
Insulated Panel    0.02 Kcal/m hr °C

Coef. of overall Thermal Transmission

Standard Panel    5.0 Kcal/m³  hr °C
Insulated Panel   0.9 Kcal/m³  hr  °C

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We seek to attain the conformity through stringent design principles, quality management and reliable structural strength analysis. The basic structure analysis is designed by safety factors  against threshold values. Al Bassam's expertise lies in the optimal safety factor in consideration of external force that is expected based on physical properties after long-term use of SMC material.

In designing, the AQUATANK ignores initial value(100%) of the physical properties of SMC material and considers the safety factor to a minimum value. AQUATANK guarantees long-term endurance.

AQUATANK utilizes maximum horizontal and vertical space and these are suitable for tanks with large capacities. It operates a corner-type system.

AQUATANK have excellent corrosion-resistant panels. The surface of the tank is uniformly smooth without any moss growth, therefore enables long-term use as the panels inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and other various germs by perfectly blocking all light from outside.