Since 1968

Plastic Pallet

Types Height / cm Length / cm Width / cm
Type 1 13 130 110

All sizes, dimension, capacity, weight and thickness will be -/+2%

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Al Bassam Plastic Pallets are growing globally in popularity due to its cleanliness, conservation of wood and use of recycled materials and because of their nearly limitless shape possibilities, plastic pallets are designed to function and perform in superior ways compared to wooden pallets.

Features and Characteristics:

  • Light & Strong: Al Bassam Plastic Pallets are made of tough polyethylene; They are lightweight and easy to carry

  • Anti-Impact: Al Bassam Plastic Pallets have higher intensity, more endurable and suitable especially to be used in cold conditions

  • Sanitary: Meet sanitary inspection requirements, good resistance to water and chemicals, easy to wash and sterilize, anti-mildew, good resistance to low temperatures and especially suitable for frozen stores

  • Safety: Anti-skidding, prevents rust, no thorns and nails which ensures the safety of goods & operators

  • Long Service Life: Stable quality, size and weight, no cost on maintenance, ten-times durable than wooden pallets

  • Convenient: Can be used by mechanical and manual forklifts which expands the range of applications

  • Resource-saving: Eco friendly, made of complete plastics which greatly saves wooden materials