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Plastic Fence

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All sizes, dimension, capacity, weight and thickness will be -/+2%

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Al Bassam HD Fences are manufactured in the biggest and latest technology machine in the world which is scientifically designed by German Technology using tough molded High Density Polyethylene. With our experience of local weather conditions, these HD Fences are designed with high stability to withstand harsh climatic conditions of UAE with longer life span than low density product.

Polyethylene fencing has become a substitute for Concrete and Aluminum and link and due to its light weight it is easy for handling, transportation, storage and can easily be maneuvered single handedly. The simple molded male-female pin system alows fences to be tightly interlocked for extra grip and can be rotated to 180 degree.

Polyethylene fence typically is more cost effective and long lasting thus value for money compared to concrete aluminum link.



  • Can be filled with water for extra weight and grip
  • Air passage hole (optional) makes it easy to stand stiff on the highways
  • UV resistance, flexible and tough, easy mobility, high stability and endurance
  • Longer life span than low density
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick and easy to install and relocate
  • Stronger & durable
  • New & Innovative Design
  • Color Variations & Customizable


  • Construction/Building sites
  • Concerts, galas and sports events
  • Public Safety
  • Parks